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Erfan Mahjour - Beard

Changing Your Style For The First Time – Part 1 : Growing A Beard

As Walter White said, tread lightly. There’s a few things you need to know and do before growing your first beard.

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Burberry Umbrella

Don’t Be Left Out In The Rain – Your Umbrella Is Part Of Your Style

If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere like me, fall is well under way and it’s starting to rain heavily (most places anyway). For most men, an umbrella is a utilitarian object that has one purpose, and as long as it doesn’t have some kid’s drawings on it, they’ll use it. […]

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Men’s Sneakers – My Favorite Picks

Men’s Sneakers – My Favorite Picks

I’ve never been a sneakers guy, as I was always more into “high fashion” (basically whatever George Clooney would be wearing) than anything else. Lately though, I’ve been changing my tune, as today’s sneakers have come a long way in the design department and are now more of a fashion […]

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Via All Black

Thursday Morning Women’s Fashion Inspiration – The All Black Edition – October 16 2014

There’s something about the simple solid colors that never go out of style. Black, white, red, and blue, to me are colors you can never really go wrong with as a mainstay in your outfits. Since women’s fashion is much more fluid then men’s, I’ve always appreciated the lengths women […]

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Subway Men's Fashion - Photo via Refinery29. Photo by Angela Pham

Tuesday Morning Fashion Inspiration – October 14 2014

Today is my Monday, as I’m back from my four day Thanksgiving long weekend. I feel like I need a vacation from the long weekend. Nevertheless

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Karl Lagerfeld

Karl Lagerfeld Reveals What He Hates The Most

Karl Lagerfeld, the fashion icon of an age no one seems to know about, sat down with WWD for an interview, and revealed what he hates the most.

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Aimé Leon Dore - Filling Pieces Collaboration Shoe. Image via Selectism

Aimé Leon Dore & Filling Pieces Join For A New Sneaker Line

The old saying goes “a woman can never have enough shoes…”. I think men can’t really have enough as well. So many occasions, events, outfits. It may all seem shallow, but we all have our passions and interests, and when you’re into fashion, shoes play a huge role in it.

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The Dapper Style Guy via Fashiongentrix

The Dapper Style Guy

Could we call this gentleman “The Dapper Style Guy”?

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30 Ways To Dress Your Best

30 Ways To Dress Your Best

Are there really that many “ways” to do anything? Shouldn’t it be as simple as diet and exercise for getting back into shape and losing weight? With fashion, unfortunately, it’s not always that easy.

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Men's Suits. Image via WSJ

The Reinvention of the Entry-Level Suit

Good men’s suits aren’t cheap. Those deals that you see in BIG BOLD LETTERS screaming “BUY ONE GET SECOND SUIT FOR FREE!” aren’t really a deal. It’s $200 down the drain for a cheap suit that never looks good.

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Tom Ford. Image via Tom Ford On Instagram

Ever Wonder What Fashion Designers Where To Their Shows?

Many wonder what fashion designers where to their shows. It’s much like wondering whether or not your hair stylist cut their own hair.

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Fashion Mistakes - Image via Fashion Beans

5 Fashion Mistakes That Men Make On A Regular Basis

Learning how to dress like a high value male can be an unforgiving process. Simple mistakes here and there can ruin an entire outfit. One mistake men tend to always make is thinking that everything has to match. Another big one? Not tailoring their clothes, or going too slim.

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Wireless Power – The Catalyst For Adoption Of Wearable Devicies

Wireless Power – The Catalyst For Adoption Of Wearable Devicies

Even though wearable devices have been out for a long time, the fact that Apple has brought out the Apple Watch is making people consider wearing them. One thing with a watch that’s always been true is that you never had to worry about it’s battery failing. Sure, at some […]

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Hollywood Style Icons

Hollywood Style Icons

When I think of Hollywood style icons, my mind automatically goes back to the 50’s, where almost everyone, whether in Hollywood or not use to take pride in their appearance.

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The Apple Watch – Things To Consider

The Apple Watch – Things To Consider

Esquire Style recently did a piece on the new Apple Watch, and it’s the fairest review I’ve seen of it. Most reviews fawn over the product, so it’s been hard to get an objective view. This is the first review that I’ve read where they actually criticize the design a […]

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Sagging Pants And The Long History Of ‘Dangerous’ Street Fashion

Sagging Pants And The Long History Of ‘Dangerous’ Street Fashion

An excellent piece by NPR’s Gene Demby on sagging pants. It’s something that can be hard to discuss without people calling you a racist or old man. I grew up in the 90s and wore baggy pants just like my friends did. At age 14 I was wearing size 36. […]

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Men's Lifestyle

How Tailored Chap Are You?

I’ve been running this site for a while now, giving fashion tips to men, and I always wonder if my advice has really helped anyone.

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Dressing Well As A Financially Strapped Dad

As a father, I know first hand how much a kid costs. From diapers, formula, cribs, strollers, clothes (they keep growing!!), accidents, etc. In my experience, if you want to get rich, either plan weddings or sell baby products, because you’ll easily be able to charge a ton of money […]

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A windy day in Philadelphia, 1947

A Windy Day In Philadelphia, 1947

Seeing old black and white photos of how people dressed in the 40’s and 50’s is always a pleasure. The style is stil similar to today’s style (dresses, suits, etc), but you just see more of it, where men dressed well on a daily basis. I don’t have prove of […]

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Sunglasses Style Guide: 9 Best Sunglasses Trends And Classics For Men

Sunglasses Style Guide: 9 Best Sunglasses Trends And Classics For Men

While fall is quickly approaching, it’s still scorching hot outside and while you’re probably taking care of your skin with sunscreen, many forget about their eyes. With all that exposure to the glorious sun (don’t leave us!!), you’ll need to keep your vision safe from it’s rays. Our friends at […]

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Wet Hair Look vs. Blow Dry Look

I’ve recently started going to work much earlier in the morning, and while it’s working out great as I get to leave work earlier, one thing I’ve had to stop doing is blow drying my hair. Reason being, when you live in a small condo with your wife and daughter […]

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Unless You’re Trying To Be The Next Tom Ford, Your Daily Outfit Needs Colour

Unless You’re Trying To Be The Next Tom Ford, Your Daily Outfit Needs Colour

I’ve written previously (here, here) about the importance of adding colour to your daily wardrobe. The world isn’t black and white, or only red and black, or white and blue, and your wardrobe shouldn’t be either. One thing you’ll notice thing with guys that have a lot of colour in […]

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Ladies Summer Style That’ll Have Everyone Turning Heads

Ladies Summer Style That’ll Have Everyone Turning Heads

I love fashion for every season, but summer is especially great, as it lets people get creative with colours, materials, and be more relaxed in what they’re wearing. While this is a men’s fashion site and my style services are geared towards men, I do appreciate women’s fashion, especially when […]

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This Is How I’d Like To Go To The Pool

This Is How I’d Like To Go To The Pool

I have this “condition”, it’s called Wanting To Look Good No Matter What I’m Doing. It’s something that can be classified as perhaps being a bit shallow, but nevertheless, that’s me. No matter what I’m doing, I want to look good. I want to be well dressed and appear to […]

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Dressing Well While Camping

Dressing Well While Camping

I’m scheduled to go camping next week. It’ll be my very first camping experience. It’ll be for a couple days. I’m terrified. I’m Erfan Mahjour, a guy that currently spends about 15 minutes blowdrying his hair. Between you and me, I don’t really think I’m suited for the wilderness and […]

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Can Sandals Look Good?

Can Sandals Look Good?

I hate feet. There. Got it off my chest. I’ve never found feet to be attractive and can’t understand people that have feet fetish’s. Different strokes for different folks I guess. My hatred for feet explains why I can’t stand sandals. The ones I see people wearing never look good, […]

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Kanye West Covers GQ August 2014

Kanye West Covers GQ August 2014

As I’ve mentioned before, say what you will about Kanye, but I know many people like him (personality wise), and though they are extremely cocky and over the top confident, they are able to back it up with their success. If I can give anyone any advice, it’s to act […]

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Summer Favourites

Summer Favourites

In last weeks post I mentioned how hot it was and have a few tips on how to still look good while keeping cool. Today, I’m posting some of my summer favourites from around the web. We’re quickly approaching the end of July (why does summer always feel like it’s […]

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It’s Hot Outside. Men’s 2014 Summer Fashion Inspiration

It’s Hot Outside. Men’s 2014 Summer Fashion Inspiration

I don’t know where you are, but where I am (Vancouver, Canada), it is scorching hot outside. Well over 30C (90+ F), and I’m in a condo facing the sun. I could literally eat 10 watermelons right now. During the weekdays when you’re at work, even if the dress code […]

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Nice Clothes

Why Buy Nice Clothes If You’re Not Going To Wear Them?

How many special occasions are there? Weddings? Graduations? Maybe a couple more…and then it’s. So you spend a few hundred, or few thousand dollars on one piece of clothing or an entire outfit, and only bring it out once or maybe twice per year. If it were a financial asset, […]

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Men’s Hair Style Inspiration

Men’s Hair Style Inspiration

We’re now well into summer and some of you may be looking for a new style for the hair on your head this season. Getting a different style haircut is a big deal. If it goes horribly wrong, it’s not like you hit a couple keys on your keyboard and […]

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The Pitfalls Of Trying To Look Older Or Younger

When you’re younger, you always want try to act older so people will take you seriously. Also, when you’re younger, you’re after older girls, but when you’re older, you’re after younger girls. Strange twist of nature.

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Men's Science Travel Kit

Men’s Science Travel Kit Giveaway!

One of the big annoyances with travelling is making sure you’ve remembered to bring all of your essentials with you. One of those essentials is your facial products. Your shaving creams, exfoliants, razor, etc. Now, thanks to our friends over at Davie E. White, you’ll automatically be entered to win […]

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Jimmy Kimmel Rainbow Loom

Rainbow Loom, The New Accessory For Men In Suits

Notice anything different about the bracelets men are wearing lately? If not, perhaps you haven’t been paying close enough attention to the latest fashion amongst powerful, started by the even more powerful collective known as Tweens.

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Dressing Well Is A Form Of Good Manners - Tom Ford

Dressing Well Is A Form Of Good Manners

The quote above by Tom Ford is something that I think everyone should think about. As our society has become more and more relaxed, so have people’s manners and how they present themselves.

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Men's Coat Buying Guide

Men’s Coat Guide. These Coats Will Stand The Test Of Time

Buying coat’s isn’t an easy thing for men, especially if they’re use to buying puffy jackets or thin rain coats their entire lives.

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