Jeff Bridges On The Nerdist Podcast

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I was listening to a previous The Nerdist podcast today featuring Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges is one of my all time favourite actors. Absolutely love the guy. To me, his best movie of all time was the Big Lebowski. It was a great movie, but also, when you see interviews of Jeff Bridges and just see him talking casually, you think “wow, this guy is really ‘The Dude'”. He’s so laid back and easy going.

During the coversation with Chris Hardwick, they discussed fear and stress when it comes to acting. It got me to thinking about how so many fear going up to women. The approach anxiety that literally disables them.

From Jeff Bridges on The Nerdist:

..About the fear, you know learning that it doesn’t go away. So it’s how you befriend that and how you work with this thing that’s going to be there. It’s not about getting rid of that thing. It’s not about getting rid of The stress but how you dance with. How you play with it. How you laugh at it and let it also lead to how connected we are. “

An amazing quote and great advice on dealing with fear. Learning to laugh at your fear is one of the hardest things to do, but one of the best things for your own mental, spiritual, and physical health. The fear is all in your head and the worst things we imagine rarely ever materialize.

Next time you see an attractive female you want to talk to, remember this quote. Know you just need to laugh at your own fear and that approaching that beautiful girl you want to talk to will make your day (no matter the outcome).

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Jeff Bridges On The Nerdist Podcast
Jeff Bridges And Chris Hardwick from the Nerdist discuss fear and stress in the movie business. Learn how it relates to your dating life.

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