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    It Begins With A Rock Solid Foundation

    Tailored Chap delivers a truly one of a kind approach for men to transform their lives.
    We help you define your road-map to who you are, and the steps needed to achieve your goals.

From The Founder

My name is Erfan (pronounced Airfawn, like an airplane and baby deer), and I’m the founder Of Tailored Chap.


I created Tailored Chap with the purpose of helping men, from all walks of life and backgrounds, with their self-confidence.


I created Tailored Chap because I know the struggle. I know the debilitating issues that a lack of self-worth can cause a man. It’s affects all aspects of your life and without proper attention, it will turn into a vicious circle that can become permanent and lead you to a road of ruin.

This Didn’t Happen Overnight

Your self-confidence issues didnt’t happen overnight. They culminated in years of self-doubt, no guidance from parents, teachers, and definitely not friends.


The great thing about this though is that’s easily fixable. The bad news is that you have to really commit to it. Daily. Everyday. It has to become your sole mission in life.


The good news though…I’ll give you the blueprint to fixing your life. The actual blueprint. The bad news? You have to do it.

The good news…it’s easily done.

Trust The Process

Things in life are as complicated as we set them out to be. You fixing yourself should not be complicated if you truly choose to do it.
Some days will be great. Some days will be horrible.

  • No tricks. No gimmicks. Just proven actionable results.

    I don't up-sell. If you're truly interested in transforming your life, getting healthy, fit, and gaining the confidence you want, then we can chat. I only work one on one with those that are committed to making this change. I don't sell eBooks promising you the world. This is a one on one program, customized for you.


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Tailored Chap

Fellas, you’re struggling right now, and it’s being made even worse by covid19, I get it.

Let’s stop the downward spiral. If it was bad before, and worse now, let’s not allow this to continue to snowball.

Setup a free consultation with me and let me give you a roadmap to getting out of this rut.

There’s no one step solution, but I’ve made it as easy as possible.
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3 months ago

Tailored Chap

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1 years ago

Tailored Chap

Always get some leg workout in. ... See MoreSee Less

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Weekly habits to start:
- Heavy weights 3-4X a week (3 rep max weight)
- Do Brazilian jiu-jitsu min 2X a week
- Do your best to get 8hrs of sleep per day
- Be in service to others, whether you get paid or not.
- Live in the present.

#diet #fitness #jiujitsu #Goals #motivation

Monday things to remember? Build positive habits and keep innovating.

Bad habits and stagnation are a recipe for disaster.

#motivation #habits #positivity #gratitude #entrepeneur #lifeskills

“The unorthodox arrangement with her husband of nine months also includes a room for Paltrow’s ex-husband Chris Martin.”
Would this work for you if you had a blended family? I don’t think I’m this “woke”.
#divorce #family #dating


Gwyneth Paltrow’s secret to a happy marriage? Separate houses http://vntyfr.com/baCIRTh

Free 1hr one on one consultation, focusing on your diet, fitness, and presentation. DM to get started.

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Here’s two things you can do right now to change your life:
1. Join a gym
2. Take up Brazilian jiu-jitsu

I can guarantee you you will begin to notice changes immediately, & your self confidence will be at levels you never thought possible.
#BJJ #confidence #gym #motivational

Looking for some dad’s in #Vancouver that are looking to reboot with their fitness and lifestyle.

If you’re recently separated or divorced as well, send us a direct message.

Let’s start a conversation and help you become the best version of yourself.

Biggest regrets in life never come from failing; they come from not attempting what you wanted to do.

And never think of it as failing, it’s just an attempt that didn’t work. Nothing more.
#motivation #goals

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