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Someday Isn't A Day In The Calendar

Someday….someday I’ll have X, Y, and Z, and everything will be better. My friends, someday isn’t a day in the […]

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Focus On Your Personal Growth To Be Successful

Bodybuilders try to go for a personal record every week, and it should be no different in other aspects of […]

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Exercise Fends Off Depression

Look at this, scientists have found that exercise fends off depression.

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Watch Your Money

Men must watch their money or be ready to lose their freedom as they get older.

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Using Gym Mats For Deadlifts

Take care of your back. Deadlifts are one of the best exercises you can do at the gym. They literally […]

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Find Your Voice

Find your voice. It’s an expression you hear a lot these days.

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Keep Yourself Busy

One thing that I tell clients is to keep moving forward, keep yourself busy with things that you’re passionate about […]

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Pre-Workout Supplements

For those of you really getting into the bodybuilding lifestyle, buying as many supplements, especially pre-workout supplements as you can […]

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Tailored Chap

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Tailored Chap

Always get some leg workout in. ... See MoreSee Less

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Looking for some dad’s in #Vancouver that are looking to reboot with their fitness and lifestyle.

If you’re recently separated or divorced as well, send us a direct message.

Let’s start a conversation and help you become the best version of yourself.

Biggest regrets in life never come from failing; they come from not attempting what you wanted to do.

And never think of it as failing, it’s just an attempt that didn’t work. Nothing more.
#motivation #goals

Feeling a little down today? Here’s a trick that really helps.

Get a notebook and a pen. Make two columns and write down what material and spiritual things you want out of your life.

From there, start on an action plan.
#motivation #Mentalhealth #life #fitness

The Japanese secret to a long, happy, meaningful life:

Ikigai: passion | love | mission | vocation | profession

—What you are good at
—What you love
—What the world needs
—What you can get paid for


If your life is CTRL C + CTRL V on a daily basis, it's probably not the life you want to be living.
#motivation #goals #lifegoals #fitness #diet #bodybuilding #lifestyle

Focus On Your Personal Growth To Be Successful
https://t.co/m610ljkpPH #fitness #personalgrowth #mindfulness

For the dads that struggled to maintain their workout routines after their first child, what helped you to get back to the gym on a regular basis?

Some don’t let anything get in the way, others struggle immensely.

#dad #parenting #newdad #gym #fitness #diet #motivation

What’s your goto meal after a hard workout?

For me, nothing compares to a juicy steak, sweet potatoes, avocado, and spinach.

#diet #postworkoutmeal #gym #muscle #fitness #bodybuilding #steak #avocado #confidence #transformation

Do deadlifts? Save your back and avoid the mats.
https://t.co/JGb549xJAR #deadlift #gym #weightlifting

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