First date style rules, they exist, and if you haven’t noticed, this site, my products, and this blog, are all about becoming a high value male that dresses a certain way. No hoodies, no funny t-shirts, and certainly no flip-flops. Still blown away by the number of people I see wearing them out in public. Seriously. Come on.

It’s about being a high value male that values how society views him, and most importantly, being a high value male that values himself.

Recently I was at the bank doing some personal banking, and the associate that was sending in my applications was well put together, attractive young female that you could tell took time in making herself look good.

While she was putting together the application I asked her (I’m a tad blunt) what type of guys she goes out on dates with (for the record, I wasn’t ask her out, I’m happily married, but just curious what people are into), and her answer surprised me.

In life there are certain rules, and in this post, it’s all about the first date style rules.

She said she likes men that are well put together, know how to dress and take care of themselves, but all she’s been finding on her first dates is guys wearing hoodies, sneakers, and toques. There’s no second date.

It got me to thinking about men in general and how so many of them screw it up when it comes to the simple things.

First, your style doesn’t have to be complicated. If you’re going after a high value girl, dress like a high value male. No toques, no hoodies, no sweatpants, and definitely no flip flops. You’re not at a pool or nail salon.

Second, if you don’t have anything to wear and are on a budget, there are plenty of stores to fit your needs. From Zara, H&M, and a host of other cheap chic shops, there is no excuse to dressing like a teenager.

All of this isn’t to say that you should never wear a sneaker or hoodie. Look at Kanye. Recently voted GQ’s most stylish man of 2015. He knows when to wear sneakers and what to put it together with.

Finally, on a first date, make sure your clothes are ironed and make sure they fit you. This isn’t the nineties. Have your clothes be as tailored to your body as possible. Make sure your pants fit you perfectly without the need for a belt (but always wear a belt), and make sure they’re hemmed. Do not put needles in them to hold them in place.

As a result, looking back on the first dates I went on when I knew nothing makes me cringe. From way too much cologne to clothes that would be more appropriate for an eighties night club. Don’t make the same mistakes I did.


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