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Beards, Shoes, And Jackets, The Latest Trends In Hipster Fashion

Beards, shoes, and jackets; three things that can make or break a man’s presentation. Beard not maintained or not growing properly? You’ll look like you can’t groom yourself. Shoes not cleaned? Never looks good. Jacket doesn’t fit? Well, fit is important.

Beards, Shoes, And Jackets, The Latest Trends In Hipster Fashion

The sections below will help you with some valuable tips on how to master these three topics.


The first question to ask yourself before trying to grow out your beard is “can I grow a beard?”. Some guys can’t grow a beard. Genetics has made it so. Some guys can grow a beard, but it’s patchy. Some guys can grow a beard but it’s nothing but baby hair.

If you have any of the above, don’t bother. Though if it grows in patches, then keep the beard very short. How short? A 1 setting on your beard trimmer.

The key to growing a beautiful beard is to maintain it daily. Have your trimmer and scissor ready to get the little wild hairs out, and once you’re at a length that you’re happy with, ensure that your trimmer is on the correct setting for your next trim. Wrong setting = goodbye beard.

Finally, if you’re looking to date, some girls love beards, other girls hate them. One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that women from certain cultural backgrounds do not date men with beards at all.

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The rims of a your outift.

Your shoes can literally make or break your look. They don’t have to match your outfit, but they need to “fit in” perfectly.

Example: You may see many guys wearing sneakers with their suits. That is totally fine. Not my cup of tea, but if it looks good, then do it. What you’ll notice is that those sneakers are always in immaculate condition. No matter their age, they’ve been well taken care of.

This is a key point because shoes need to be kept in a clean condition. Shoes that look worn out say a lot about how you value things. Yes, it’s “just a shoe”, but it speaks to how you view yourself and take care of your possessions.

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Wearing a nice suit feels so good 💪🏽

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The right jacket for the right outfit. Sometimes this feels like it’s a unicorn for most men. It does exist gentleman.

One thing you should stop doing is wearing a puffy jacket. Grown men don’t wear puffy jackets. For the same cost you can get yourself a nice winter coat that’ll keep you warm and won’t make you look like you’re about to fly into the sky.

For Fall



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