What color are my pants today? Mustard. What color were my pants yesterday? Orange. Blue and light blue don’t count as adding color to your wardrobe.

Unless you want to dress like Karl Lagerfeld all day, your wardrobe is going to need some color.

Blue and light blue don’t count as adding color to your wardrobe.

To get started, slowly add colors to your shirts. Adding color to your wardrobe by starting with your shirts is a lot easier for most guys than it is when starting with the pants.

If you’re basically always wearing blue, go for some checkered patterned dress shirts that are purple, green, and even red. Once you’re comfortable with this, add some color to your socks. Go for the outrageous colors. When you’ve been doing this for a little while, gradually start to get pants with rich colors. Mustard, red, purple, etc, are a great place to start.

Blue, in reality, is a classic color, especially for denim. You can’t really go wrong with it. Dark blue denim jeans, a nice dress shirt, a properly tailored blazer, you’re good to go.

Finally, none of this will work unless you have shoes that go with it. You don’t know need different shoes for each pair of pants. Get a pair of dark brown and light brown dress shoes and you’re all set to go, promise.


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