Clothes for the man that’s always hot. Walking out of the house in the dead of winter with nothing more than shorts and a t-shirt on. 

The average internal human temperature is 37.0 degrees Celsius, though that can vary from person to person.

We all know that one person who’s always cold and wearing a puffy jacket in the office, even with the heater on. We also know that other person on the other side of the spectrum, outside in freezing temperatures with just their shorts on and be totally fine.

Over the years I’ve had a few clients who have had thyroid issues, causing them to always be too hot. This has limited them in the clothing hey can purchase for winter, but, with them always being warmer than others, they’ve always been able to look stylish without needing multiple layers of clothing plus a thick coat over them.

FYI: There are countless articles on the web that give you specific, in depth guidelines for which materials work best – they are long and can be too much for most guys. This post is to give you a general idea of how to find breathable materials that look good.

For those of you that are always too hot, the quality of the material is even more important.

Poorly made clothing can use cheap fabrics that will have you feeling uncomfortable and far too hot, even on a cold winters day. When out shopping, I advise my clients to look for fabrics that are breathable, such as cotton-wool, tropical weight wool, or linen.

Some men don’t like linen, as it stretches and wrinkles easily, so if that’s you, stick with the cotton-wool.

For jeans, many brands have different materials that they use, but the most important thing is the weight of the jeans themselves. Don’t purchase anything over 16 oz of thickness. Unfortunately, this is what most big box stores/department stores will carry. As always, quality is most important so check it some of the stores that are specific to men’s fashion only, or smaller boutique shops that’ll have a better select of clothes.

This advice is applicable to everything you’re wearing, from socks to underwear to suit jackets and dress shoes. Material is paramount. Learn about the different materials, try them on and see how they feel.


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