Making Your Clothes Work Year Round On A Tight Budget

Making your clothes work year round on a tight budget, how does someone accomplish this? How does someone make winter clothes work in the summer?

If you’re just starting out after school, or are still in school, you’re probably on a tight budget for clothing, and won’t be shopping at the high end men’s retailers.

Been there. Done that.

How do look good year round then? How do you make sure your clothes will look good, no matter the season?

Versatile clothing

What is versatile clothing? It’s well made clothing featuring certain fabrics and colors that’ll go for any season (except summer usually).

Blue Denim
Literally works for any season, even summer. You can’t go wrong with well made jeans. Go for darker blue during fall and winter, and lighter blue for spring and summer, but dark blue works fine as well for those seasons. Above all, denim never ever goes out of style, as a result, you’ll always have clothes for almost any occasion.



Dress Shirts
100% cotton, though hot in the summer, with mid range colors and featuring patterns work well for any season.

Colors such as green (all shades), to baby blue, dark blue, pink, red, work great year round.

Avoid black in the summer as you’ll turn into an oven. White dress shirts are great as well, but, they’ll get dirty very easily, and unless you take extra care in washing them, they won’t last you as long as you may want.

Another important thing to note about dress shirts is how you wash them as they are notorious for shrinking. Therefore the directions and always hang dry them.

No one ever thinks of the socks, but socks are an important part of your style. Again, pick mid-range colors (not too dark, not too light), and you’ll look great. Furthermore, replace your socks every six months or so as that’s usually when socks begin to get worn out to the point of holes forming.

A cotton blend will be your standard sock material, but others, such as cashmere work great as well. Keep in mind that certain sock fabrics may make it harder for you to wear with certain shoes as they may not be thick enough.


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Dress Shoes
For dress shoes, a light brown and dark brown color is the best way to go. Use the light brown for spring and summer, and the dark for fall and Winter. Similarly, You can still use your light brown for fall, depending on the weather, or just use a warmer brown.

Black dress shoes are fine as well, but only if you’re wearing them with a suit. Almost all combinations of dress shoes with anything other than a suit goes horribly wrong. Likewise, don’t wear white socks.




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