For the beginner that wants to get in shape, the best way to go at it is to start with meat and potato exercises at the gym.

*Note: I am not a licensed personal trainer. My advice comes through years of training and helping others. Please consult a physician or personal trainer before attempting any form of rigorous exercise. 

Follow any fitness or body building page on Facebook or Instagram, you’ll see tons of exercises that promise to eviscerate the fat, build explosive amounts of muscle, and a lot more.

If you’re just starting to workout for the first time in your life, these workouts aren’t the best way to get started.

For the beginner that wants to get in shape

What are those? They are the chest press, the bench press, the bicep curls, the squats, and the shoulder press. These will get your body adjusted to the heavy weights using muscles that already using on a daily basis doing regular tasks, but obviously just using body weight and nothing more.

Now, when it comes to lifting, start off light at first if you’ve never lifted before. Your form is the most important thing and you don’t want to risk injury. The best way to go is to begin with 20lbs weights and gradually work your way up. Once you can accomplish 8 reps with, then start to add more weight.

If you need any real motivation to get into the gym, here’s the legend. Watch the full video as he’s essentially agreeing with me, and showing you everything you need to know.


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