Something I’ve been thinking about now for a little while is why where you get your groceries from really matters. There’s obvious reasons, & some not so obvious.

There are the obvious reasons:

  • Quality of the produce
  • Ingredients in the packaged products
  • Prices

Where You Get Your Groceries From Really Matters

Who are you shopping with? Who else is at that grocery store with you? Is it those that you want to be like? Well dressed, polite, those that by just looking at them you know are successful people who you want to emulate?

Or are they people that you still see yourself as? Looking stressed, not well put together, impolite, and pushy? This does sound a bit snob-ish, but this goes back to how you see yourself and where you want to be in life.

Many years I stopped shopping for my groceries at certain stores for the reasons I listed above.

I wanted healthier food and I wanted to be around those that by looking at them instantly inspire me. Those that are well put together, care about fitness, diet, and those that for the most part, you can tell that by whatever career path they chose, they’re happy not only their work, but their life.

This may seem like a lot from a grocery store, but trust me, this can have a huge impact on your path to a better you.


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