Important Life Tasks That You Should Always Have Pre-Booked

As a man trying to improve your life, there are important life tasks that you should always have pre-booked. No question. No matter your schedule, these are things that are just a basic part of your personal upkeep.

Important Life Tasks That You Should Always Have Pre-Booked

I’ve written before on Dressing Well Once You’re Home From Work, How Many Days A Week You Should Be Working Out, and of course, How To Become Classically Stylish, but there’s a few other things that can really make or break how you present yourself to others.

Scheduled Haircut

Looking good will require effort, one part of that is making sure your grooming is maintained. Regularly scheduling a haircut is one of the most important aspects of this. Usually two weeks have a haircut, your hair can start to become hard to manage and begin to get unruly. You don’t need a haircut every two weeks, but at the very minimum schedule a cleanup two weeks after your haircut, just to get the area around the ears, and bits of the top back in line.

Schedule Dentist Appointments

Teeth. They’re important, and having them cleaned properly isn’t something that you should take lightly. Not only will a regular dentist appointment keep your mouth healthy, dentists and hygienists can quickly spot areas that may need a corrective procedure down then line.

Dentists will offer free whitening packs or whitening options at a discount. If you have stains from coffee drinking or anything else, do your best to keep your pearly whites looking sparkly.

Closet Inventory

Throughout the year, take a look at your clothes and see what you like and don’t like. If you’ve been hitting the gym or have noticed changes in your body, it may be time to get rid of some articles of clothing as they may no longer fit properly because at the end of the day you’re getting in shape and becoming a new person, no need to keep the old stuff, you’re not going to go backwards.

Also, it’s important to not wear clothes that seem completely dated. High value men pride themselves on staying current on the latest trends, so while you don’t need to go out on a massive shopping spree, make sure your clothes are still current.

Self Review

The last item but certainly not least, review the last few months. Make an appointment of it. Sit down, and write down what you want to improve on and what you think you’ve improved on. Review your strengths and weaknesses and set goals for yourself for the next few months.

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