New Year Resolution, the most broken thing in the history of the world.

Many make new year resolutions that that they unfortunately give up on after a few bumps on the road.

Read any book about people who are successful, the one common trait is hard work. Never once did it matter if they came from money or had no money, or the obstacles they faced. As a result, their passion and refusal to let themselves down enabled them to get what they wanted.

First of all, humans are hard-wired to find the most efficient way to solving a problem with the least effot. We all have vices that stop us from achieving our goals. The voice in our head that destroys anything we do with “just one more”, or “I’ll start fresh tomorrow”, etc.

New years day is just another day in the week, but it’s another day that you’re pushing the start of your goals too.

The more time you waste acting on your vices, the less time you’ll have to be the man you’ve always wanted to be.


  • No longer want to keep drinking at night and watching TV as it gets in the way of my goals. I will stop this now.
  • Goals you want to achieve. I want to be a high value male. This version of me is not the me I want.
  • Not satisfied with my life. I can change my life with hard work, determination, and not settling for less.

Vices that we are addicted too are hard to break. People who say “just stop doing it” don’t truly understand how the power of addiction and how hard it can be to rewire the brain. Whether you’re addicted to being on your phone, pornography, drinking, or being angry all the time, it’s a hard cycle to break. In the end, breaking free of the pattern is in your hands (as long as you’re not suffering from some major diagnosed mental illness).

Something that many psychiatrists recommend to their clients; tell yourself what you want, and tell yourself how you’re going to get it, repeatedly, everyday.

Finally, for your new year resolution, which way do you want to steer your ship? The path you’re going on right now, that you’re not happy with? Or a new one that with focus and determination will get you to where you want to be in a few years?


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