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Why You Need To Keep Moving Forward

There’s a reason why you need to keep moving forward in your life, and the amazing thing about self improvement is it never stops pushing you.

Many times I wish we were more like dogs; just living in the moment and not thinking about the past.

One reason why I focus a lot of my energy on making sure my clients get regular exercise is because whether you’re hitting the gym, going out to play soccer, going for a swim, or out for a bike ride, being physically active forces your brain to focus on the present, not the past or the future.

Similarly, if you’re use to being at home and doing nothing, this is a recipe for disaster for your brain. Because your brain is like a one year old child; it can’t just “pause” and do nothing. It keeps moving, thinking, and unfortunately it gets use to what it’s always been doing. If you’re sitting and doing nothing, it’ll get use to thinking about the past, the future, and making you depressed.

Why You Need To Keep Moving Forward

Let’s think of the gym. Your main focus is lifting those weights and making sure they don’t fall on your skull; as a result the present is most important.

In everything you do, keep moving forward. As a result, the more you keep thinking, the more this allows your brain to go off on tangents and bring up other experiences you’ve had that you’ll end up getting far too focused on.

Time doesn’t stop for any of us to undo things, it just keeps moving forward. Reinvent yourself constantly and if you’re ever confronted with a challenge, don’t stop and give up, keep pushing through and finish it. Above all, you’ll regret not doing something a lot more than doing it and not getting the result you wanted.


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