Fitness CAN change your life. I just came back from the gym. How do I feel? Like the greatest man alive. Seriously. That’s how I feel right now. Right this second.

Need me to lift a car? Think I can. Need me to start a new business for you? Pretty sure I can do that too. Need me to transform your life? That, I know, I can do.

This is how the hard, intense, physical activity makes you feel. Your brain gets reset, it releases chemicals that make you feel amazing and give you the confidence to do whatever you want.

The gym is a place to not only sculpt your body and get into the best shape of your life, it’s also a place to transform your brain, change how you think and change how you view yourself and the world.

How Fitness Can Change Your Life

That is the power of digging deep down inside you to get that last bit of energy to lift those weights over your head. That is the power of not caring what others around you are doing or thinking, because you’ve got 200lbs of weights being held over you by your shaking arms and knowing that any loss in concentration can have serious consequences.

The gym challenges everything you think you know about yourself. It changes with you think your limits are. It changes what you think you’re capable of doing at any moment. Once you master this, everything else in life doesn’t look so challenging anymore.

Remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done.

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