How Often Should A Man Replace A Pair Of Socks? They’re not something men really think about that often. You put them on your feet, they keep you warm, and that’s that.

Unfortunately, out of all the things you’re wearing, your socks will take the most abuse, for the main reason that they are thin, have to stretch to fit the size of your feet, and if you’re not cutting your toe nails often, the nail itself can degrade the fabric.

Did you pay $5 for a pair of socks or $50? I can tell you that it won’t matter. Your socks will eventually have a hole in them, and no one wants to be at an event where you have to take your shoes off and realize you have a hole in your socks.

When your socks have a hole in them and others see it, they judge you. It says something about you. Perhaps it’s your grooming, attention to detail, whatever it may be, no one wants to see your toes. You don’t walk around with holes in your shirt, so why would your socks be any different?

It’s an odd thing, it happens to everyone, yet we all judge the person it happens to.

How Often Should A Man Replace A Pair Of Socks?

Here are some rules for replacing your socks:

  • The Fabric
  • The Quality
  • Your wash and wear cycle
  • The type of shoes you’re wearing them in
  • Is it winter? Fall? Summer? Spring? Different fabrics have varying durability in heat versus cold

If you’re looking to purchase dress socks is that they are much much thinner (better quality socks are usually a lot thinner), and designed to slide into your shoe without resistance.

Simple rule is to replace your socks every six months. If you want them to last longer, wash them on a cold cycle, gentle, and hang them up to dry. Just like with your nice clothes, avoid the dryer at all costs as it’ll damage it, even on low heat.

The best place to get socks? Believe it or not, Amazon has a great selection for an affordable place. Also, men’s high end clothing stores. They cost a bit more but you’re getting better quality, and as I’ve pointed out before, it’s cost per wear. Pay more now, but have the product last you a far longer amount of time.

We’ve all done the “cheaper” option of what we really wanted to buy and regretted it, ended up spending more money than we should have to begin with, and sometimes not learning the lesson until it’s too late and we’ve embarrassed ourselves somewhere.

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