Have you ever seen a man that wears a poorly fitted suit? It’s horrible. Learn why it’s so important to have a perfectly tailored suit.

A great example of this US President Donald Trump whose suits cost thousands of dollars. The suits look horrible on him because of how they’re cut; the President like his suits to be baggy.

They’re not fitted to his body and look like something someone would wear in the 90s.

Why It’s So Important To Have A Perfectly Tailored Suit – Here Are The Reasons

One, it just looks better.

A poorly fitted suit gives the impression that you have no idea how to dress yourself; this is one of the most basic adult functions. Not knowing what colors/styles go together is one thing, but buying clothes that fit is a basic thing; all able minded adults should be able to do this. Remember, the little things become the big things.

Second, It Let’s People Know You Care About Yourself And How Others Perceive You

As much as “caring about your looks” may seem shallow, our appearance is how we’re first judged (evolutionary survival trait, can’t kill that off). Evolutionary view is a hard one for many to understand, as we’re no longer living in caves and grunting at each other; our brains are still wired the same way they were 10,000 years ago. Because of this, we have to understand not only how our ancestors thought and behaved, but why they acted the way they did.

Lastly, always know the audience

Know that the audience (general public, potential employers, dates, etc.) gravitates to those that appear to be high value. What is high value? High value is a person that values themselves, and that easily gives off a feel of confidence no matter where he or she is.

Confidence, above all else, is extremely important in being able to get what you want. It’s not just your own inner confidence, it’s the confidence that you’re able to show others without having to say too much.,



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