Buying new clothes as you’re losing weight, a tricky thing to balance, as you know you’re not going to be keeping the clothes you’re going to buy. 

When you’re working out, gaining muscle and dropping the fat, you’ll quickly notice that your clothes no longer fit like they use to. What’s a man to do? Dress like it’s the 1990’s with baggy clothes or start buying new clothing?

You’ll notice you’ll be using the very first hole in the belt, and even that’s no longer holding your pants up. One day, you’ll look at yourself and think you’ve been transported back to the 90s, wearing baggy clothes.

Buying New Clothes As You’re Losing Weight

What does one do, when they’re losing weight, have more weight to lose, but need clothes that fit properly?

The answer to this is very simple. While I encourage all my clients to buy versatile clothing that works for any occasion, and to shop at stores that do free altering (Harry Rosen, etc.), size is one thing that versatile clothing and free alterations aren’t going to fix in the long run.

The key? Shop like a girl. Get clothes that look decent but aren’t expensive and that you can discard/donate later on.

Men’s clothing, for the most part, is designed to last longer. Women’s clothing, for the most part, is disposable. You may see an attractive female walking down the street. She’ll be looking very stylish and well put together, but in many cases, her entire outfit cost less than $70. That’s with the shoes.

Women know how to shop and get deals. They wear the clothes a few times, and then it’s gone after a few washes. So while you’re in the in between phase of losing weight and getting to your desired weight, only purchase clothes that you’re fine with donating afterwards.