Gianluca Vacchi, the Italian Instagram lifestyle star is a man that needs no introduction to anyone that’s on social media. If you don’t know who he is, then this post will do a good job of introducing you to him.

The man, who’s dancing videos have gone viral, is an Italian millionaire, who earns his money through business ventures and promotions. More importantly, what makes him extremely popular is his lifestyle and the way he projects himself. His posts and videos are aspirational. Watching them, for many, they becoming inspired by his love of life that literally seems to pop through the screen.

For me, watching him, he fits the idea of a man that I think every man wants to be, but through whatever trauma in their life, is being held back. He’s confident, knows how to present himself, successful in his businesses, and knows the importance of diet and fitness. He’s living his life as anyone else should be living theirs.

Step back for a minute and analyze that for yourself.

Are you confident? Do you know the importance of diet and fitness? The business part I don’t focus on because it’s not overly relevant. Businesses are trial and error. Some work, some don’t. It doesn’t define you. The diet and fitness, if you look at any successful person (not all, but most), they all know how important it is to their overall life.

I encourage you, as always, to focus on these aspects of your life. Once you do, the changes in your life will be amazing.

The Italian Instagram Lifestyle Star