Progress, it’s the key and is the one thing that is a constant on this planet of ours, no matter how much we try to keep things the same, the universe has other plans.

The universe, evolution, an “unconscious progress”, no matter what it is, wants progress. It demands it. With that being said, it’s interesting that while progress is the key that allowed our species to survive (advances in science and technology, just to name one), the human mind isn’t that big of a fan of change. 

For the mind, change represents a danger. It’s an unknown that could risk our security. We could lose food, the roof over our head, everything. The brains main purpose is to keep you alive, whether or not you’re happy is not it’s concern.

At the same time, a state where everything is stagnant and there is no change leads to a feeling of unhappiness. 

Life is about progress. It’s about change. It’s about momentum. The more you keep moving forward, the happier you will be. The more you resist change and want to cling to what you have out of fear, the longer you’ll stay unhappy. 

Progress, It’s The Key

Progress, even if it’s just baby steps, overtime, will add up to a great deal of change and happiness. 

Do not give yourself a way out. You either just exist, or you live.

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