Want to know why summer is the hardest season to dress for? 

There’s a reason why summer is the hardest season to dress for; the heat makes your clothes much less versatile, requiring at least one outfit change a day.

Most men grew up just wearing basketball shorts, high tops, and a whatever top they could find. That outfit would be good for the whole day (in their eyes), no matter the event.

Fast forward to adulthood and many are still wearing the same outfit, not knowing there’s a whole world out their of versatile summer clothing that’ll keep them cool and looking great.

Why Summer Is The Hardest Season To Dress for

During the fall, winter, and even spring, you can generally get away with wearing the same outfit all day long, as what you’re wearing and what the temperature is outside are going to match up pretty well.

Summer? Not so much. You could be going to work in a suit, taking public transit, sweating it out, and then get home and quickly need to get into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to help cool down.

The key for summer is to wear colors that go with the season, and for the most part, forget that you’ll get extremely hot during work hours, and just focus more on staying hydrated and being able to cool yourself down. 

There are certain materials that’ll help keep you cool, but at the end of the day, especially if you’re working in an office, you may not be able to just show up with nice shorts and a dress shirt to the office.