Since we humans are like sponges, you have to be careful who you’re spending your time with. We pick up habits and information wherever we go, from whomever we’re around.

While this has helped us adapt for thousands of years of evolution and kept us alive, it also has it’s drawbacks.

Depending on who you’re around, you can pick up great habits, or some pretty terrible habits. 

Be Careful Who You’re Spending Your Time With

One of the the most important things we choose to do in life is decide who we spend our time with. When it comes to our family (parents, siblings), we don’t have much a of choice for a good portion of our early life, but as we get older and our world gets bigger, we’re presented with many more options.

Picking and choosing who to spend your most valuable resource on (time), should be something you decide very carefully.

  • Don’t be with people that constantly complain. You will pick up that habit and they are mentally and physically draining to be around.
  • Don’t be around negative people. Similar to above with complainers, but people who are negative actually get off on being negative. Their brain has become hooked to it.
  • Avoid being around those that are aimless. You too will fall into that trap.
  • Avoid those that don’t value themselves. If you want to get fit, be healthier, etc, then don’t be around those that don’t value their well-being. 

These are general things, obviously nothing is black and white in life, but if you truly want to transform your life, be around positive people that are always looking to improve themselves and those around them.

Where can you meet these people? They’re everywhere, but remember, you have to put the positive energy out into the universe. If it’s nothing but negativity, you’ll only attractive negativity.