Life can certainly get overwhelming at times. Keeping things simple is important. Keeping your style simple during your transformation is very important.

One thing that can get stressful for those that are first learning how to upgrade their style is having too many options.

Keeping Your Style Simple

It’s very much similar to all the options people started to have years ago with smart phones. Consumers were paralyzed with choices. Same thing happens with clothes.

The key is to remember to keep it simple.

Jeans, dress shirt, dress shoes (or nice sneakers) with a nice jacket. That’s all you really need at the end of the day (and a belt of course).

When it comes to your grooming and styling your hair, this can take sometime. Blow drying, styling it, can add another 10-15 minutes easily to your mornings.

If you’re just tired of it and tired of needing a cut every two weeks or spending the money on hair product, consider getting a very close cut. A number 1 or number 2 at the barber shop. Look online at examples of men that have done this. Many look great, and it just simplifies their life that much more.

Your style shouldn’t be something that’s insanely time consuming. We as men have it easy compared to women. Jeans, nice dress shirt and shoes get it done. A simple haircut and you’re good to go.