I have friends that are miserable. You probably have friends that are miserable. Perhaps you yourself are miserable. What is causing this misery? What is the path to happiness? Is it staring right at you?

Funny enough, the answer is in front of us; we hate our jobs and can’t figure out how to get out.

Again, funny enough, the way to get out is right in front of us.

We spend most of our time during the day at work. Getting to work, being at work, and then finally leaving work. Most people take their misery from work back home with them, which just creates a circle of never ending misery, not just for them but for their families as well.

Most people know the answer to fixing their problems – their soul is telling them constantly. It’s screaming inside them, but hey just don’t know the path to achieving their goals.

Again, the answer is in front of them; just do it.

The problem is your mind is setting a limitation for you. It’s telling you what you’d be happier doing, but it’s coming up with a billion reason for you to not risk it things because that could end up with disastrous results for you.

The reality is the human brain is great at making things appear harder than they are.

Speculative And Risky – The Way To Go For Your Life

Here’s a simple process to follow: Begin with the end in mind.

What’s your goal? Write it down. Now, begin with the steps you need to take on achieving it.

You have to be very disciplined in your approach. No time wasting, no wavering on things.

Just do it. Take a risk. You have nothing to lose. All the successful people on this planet started the same way. They had an idea and went after it.

Remember, there is no such thing as failure, just attempts and learning, that is not. You cannot fail because it doesn’t exist.