Keep Your Life Balanced

Keep your life balanced. As you get older you’re going to start finding it hard to keep your life in balance. These aren’t really things you ever thought about when you were in high school. Most things were taken care of for you already.

That being said, if you’re a young guy just heading off to University, it’s best to implement a system right now where you know what’s important in your life and the things you owe yourself on a daily basis.

Moreover, at a young age you may not even know what your priorities in life are.

There are a few things that every man owes himself if he wants to be operating at a high level.

  1. Regular Exercise
  2. A Clean But Balanced Diet
  3. Stay away from drugs
  4. Drinking is a horrible for you, don’t do it.
  5. Smoking is horrible, don’t ever do it
  6. Making Time For Friends
  7. Pursuing Your Passions
  8. Making Time To Read

Don’t do things that are a waste of your time, keep your life balanced

For example, for many young guys (and even older, it never really ends), the pursuit of women is never ending. They’ll buy nice cars, get themselves deep into debt and create a vicious cycle. All this comes from a lack of self-worth.

If you take care of yourself, hit the gym regularly, eat clean, read books, and hangout with people that make you better, you can easily avoid these issues.

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