Life Is About Showing Up

A simple rule in life? Just show up. Every now and then someone will ask for advice on something. How to lose weight, how to start a business and make money, X Y Z, whatever it is.

The simple (and probably most profound) answer to any of these questions is this: Just show up.

Life is all about showing up.

You want to lose weight and gain muscle? Great, show up to the gym 3-5 days a week and work your ass off, and then have a balanced diet. Show. Up.

Our minds like to mess with us, making us think of a million reasons why something could go wrong. Deep down, especially if you’re in your thirties, you know nothing bad will ever happen by just showing up.

You’re tired? Go to the gym and show up. Start lifting and your body will start reacting and getting the blood going.

Saying you have no time is just an an excuse. Saying you’re tired is just an excuse.

We all have different lives and time constraints, but there is no chance you don’t have the time do go after what you want.

Even if it’s just an hour a night, you have the time.

Don’t wait until you really no longer have the time.

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