10 Ways To Gain More Confidence

What every man wants, more confidence in themselves.  It’s not hard to gain more confidence, it just seems like a daunting task because you’ve probably grown up your entire life hating yourself. And don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Millions of other men out there on this planet are the same.

Working out, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough sleep are great ways to start.

Workout On A Regular Basis

This is such an important one, perhaps more important than all the others when you’re first starting out.

Get yourself to the gym and just start lifting heavy things. Stay there for 30 minutes to and hour and lift, lift, lift. Not only does working out change how you look, but it changes how your brain works and gives a major rush of confidence.

Above all else, do this first.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Get to the gym first, start eating right right after your workout.

A healthy and balanced diet will have you looking and feeling great. The gym is where the magic happens, but your diet is where the process really takes place.

And remember, you can have a cheat day.

Get Enough Sleep

No one likes waking up tired and then having to get ready for work. Do yourself a favour and get enough sleep. 6-8 hours is good enough for most people. Some need more. You’re not missing out on anything by staying up late and looking at good looking girls on Instagram.

Manage your time wisely and prioritize sleep.

Value Your Presentation

Care about how you present yourself to the world. It’s you. This is you. Like it or not people make judgements by how you dress.

This doesn’t mean wear a nice suit everyday. Nice jeans with a dress shirt and nice shoes are enough to start with.

Read More Books

Reading on your phone doesn’t count. Get an actual book and start reading.

Start reading the things that you’re actually interested in. Whether it’s self-help or science-fiction, just start reading.

See Your Friends More

Go for a coffee, hangout somewhere and just enjoy someone else’s company. This does wonders for the mind.

Start A Business

If you’ve had a passion for a while, turn it into a business. Not because you want to be rich (that’s just a nice outcome), but because it’s something you actually enjoy doing.

Keep Moving

Don’t sit still. Don’t sit around thinking. Just keep moving.

Go to the gym, start a business, meet new people. Keep moving forward.

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