Getting the most out of your workout is critical. For one you want to maximize your time in the gym properly, and you also don’t want to be living in the gym 7 days a week.

I was scratching my head for a bit…couldn’t figure out how they came up with two hours, especially that it was consistent among these new members who had never met before.

They all said they got it from watching guys on YouTube and even the man himself, Arnold.

Getting The Most Out Of Your Workout

You do not need to spend that long in the gym at all. If you are training to be the next Mr.Olympia, sure, then two hours, going hardcore at it. Even then, it comes down to how heavy you’re lifting and what you’re eating.

The key is to be as efficient as possible in the gym. No time wasted. Don’t even take your phone with you. Have a game plan set out for the workout.

Also, I highly suggest not focusing on one muscle group per workout. Do a split. Mondays, legs and shoulders for example, and Tuesdays chest and triceps.

Keep your breaks to an absolute minimum, no more than 20 seconds. Is this hard? Sure is. But the key is to be efficient and shock your body into growth. You’re not going to hit 8 reps. This is high intensity designed to have you in and out of the gym.



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