The average employee, at best, get’s in less than three hours of actual work per work day. That, in reality, is not surprising. Most employees really don’t want to be at the office and will put in the minimum required work just to keep their jobs.

Add to that the distractions of Youtube, Instagram, and whatever other apps they have on their phones, it’s no wonder employees aren’t doing a full eight hours.

Many come into work dreading being there and begin losing most of their motivation after sitting at their desks for so long.

Because of this, and many other reasons, employers should allow their employees to take a longer lunch break and get a workout in. Employees that get to workout during the day are happier, more creative, and much more relaxed.

Not everyone can go workout early in the morning or later in the evening as they may have to get their kids to school first or have other family commitments.

For employers, they really need to ask themselves if they would rather have their employees sitting at their desks all day and losing their creative juices, or going and getting a workout in and coming back healthier, happier, and feeling more creative.

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