Things Today’s Culture Is Robbing Us Of

There are many things today’s culture is robbing us of as adults. The other day I was helping my kids get some new clothes, and I thought back to when I was a kid and how if you weren’t wearing a brand name, you weren’t a cool kid.

Back in the 90s, Guess Jeans, Cross Colors, Dock Martins, and a few others were the brands you had to be wearing…otherwise, fuhgeddaboudit, as they would say in the mafia movies.

Today, kids have so many more choices, and cheap chic is all the rage. I wish I was growing up today instead of back then. As a kid, this is so much easier when it comes to pear pressure and trying to fit in with your group. I think we sometimes forget what it’s like for teenagers and pre-teens in terms of being part of a group and how they need to fit in. I still see lots of kids just wearing Adidas sweat pants and black sneakers, in a group. I don’t know if they plan it that way but that’s how they all go out in public as.

Things Today’s Culture Is Robbing Us Of

That being said, as an adult, I feel like too many people are taking advantage of this and not taking the time to put in the effort that’s needed to make themselves presentable. Sweatpants, flip flops, and ripped clothing are not things that adults should be wearing.

So many women wear Yoga pants as their daily attire. I get it; it’s comfortable. And let’s be honest, on some women, they look fantastic, but they are yoga pants. Your presentation should be a source of pride. It’s how you non-verbally communicate to the world about who you are and how you value yourself.

Yes – clothes are just that, clothes, but they communicate so much more in terms of our evolutionary psychology. There is nothing shallow about wanting to look good.

So let’s not rob ourselves of wearing nice clothes, smelling nice, and taking pride in our appearance.


Adjusting To Your New Look

One of the great and amazing things that happens when you change your diet, stop drinking, start working out, and really start a lifestyle of self-improvement is that you begin to notice a new you. You look in the mirror and you see, physically, a different person.

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New clothes

Should You lose The Weight First, Or Buy New Clothes First?

Lose The Weight First, Or Buy New Clothes First?

New clothes

Should you lose The Weight First, Or Buy New Clothes First?

This, for many, is a tricky one, but with a very simple answer.

The very simple answer to this is that you should start buying your new clothes right away, no matter how far along you are on your weight loss and body building program.

Why? If you’re going to keep losing weight, then I’m just buying clothes over and over again…why not wait?

Again, simple answer. The entire point is to change your mentality right away. You not only want to change how people view and see you, but you want to change how you see your self, immediately.

You’ll be dressing better, getting into better shape, and you’ll rapidly begin to see yourself in a new light, and, most importantly, begin to value yourself.

Yes, some of this does depend on your finances. But, knowing people as I do, everyone has a vice that they spend money on. Start to save that money and invest it in yourself with new clothing and better food, and, if you can, a personal trainer.

Finally, with buying the new clothes, this also gives you a chance to work on your style skills, helping you find your personal style, and when you arrive at the weight that you’re happy with, you’ll have a mastery of both fitness, diet, and personal image.