Finding The Right Gym For You

Finding the right gym for you can be an adventure all by itself. With so many to choose from, all offering different promotional incentives to you locked in, it can be overwhelming for those that are just starting out.

A gym has to fit your lifestyle, so if you have a family, or a job that has you working or awake at odd times, you’re probably going to want a gym that’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Next you’ll obviously want a gym that has the most equipment, but remember, it has to fit your lifestyle.

A gym could be massive with all the equipment in the world, but if it’s not open during the hours you need, forget it. One benefit of gyms that are open 24/7 is that while they aren’t the biggest, they’re usually not super busy either, as people can come and go at any time of the day.

Locations is another big factor. It could be close to your gym, but if they don’t have a location close to your house, then that could be a negative as well.

When Finding The Right Gym For You – Try Many

Finally, try out a few different gyms. Get the free guest passes and use them to the max, get a feel for the type of people that are there, if the gym has what you’re looking for, pricing, etc.

In regards to the type of people at each gym, some of have the big bodybuilders, and some have people that are just in for a workout. Again, see what works best for you in this case. The bodybuilders can be intimidating to some, but for me, I suggest you use them as inspiration. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, but you can copy their techniques and ask them questions. People at the gym love to help out other people.

Meal Prepping And Simple Meal Ideas

Meal prepping and simple meal ideas, for many, aren’t that simple, mainly because of the planning that’s involved.

Eating healthier actually does take work to make it happen. The biggest obstacle to this is the food preparation that’s required. Most people don’t want to cook every night, and those with families are usually short on time.

More importantly, if you’ve got said family with kids, your kids aren’t going to want to eat the same thing every day. Kids are not wired that way. Add to that your partner not being on bored, and it can certainly be a challenge.

They only solution is to cook a simple meal that’ll last your for four days, lunch and dinner. You can do breakfast as well with prepping some Greek yogurt or high fat yogurt into a container with some almonds and hemp seeds into a separate container.

Meal Prepping And Simple Meal Ideas


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Now, as for meal ideas, I always go simple.

    • Marinated Chicken Cooked On The Stove, with a side of sweet potatoes, spinach, and high fat yogurt
    • Baked Chicken, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and avocado
    • Steak stew cooked on the stove, tomatoes, sweet potatoes and avocado

Want something even easier? Throw your favorite ingredients into a slow cooker early in the morning on a Sunday, come back in 8 hours and you’re all done. Put in enough food (and have a large enough slow cooker) and you’re good to go for four days. Bake some sweet potatoes and boil some rice and lentils, and it could not get any easier.


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Keep it simple and healthy! Meals do not need to be complicated. Pack a ton of food on a Sunday and you’re work week will be much easier.

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