Cost Per Wear

What is that? Well, it’s a phrase I’ve coined and it’s something that I go into detail about in my eBook, making the argument that the cheaper the piece of clothing that you’re buying, the more you actually end up spending at the end.

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Man wearing a toque. First date style rules.

They All Wear Toques

First date style rules, they exist, and if you haven’t noticed, this site, my products, and this blog, are all about becoming a high value male that dresses a certain way. No hoodies, no funny t-shirts, and certainly no flip-flops.

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Stairs In A Loft

Dressing Well Once You’re Home From Work

Dressing well once you’re home from work, that’s important? Yes, it is.

Image this. It’s 8pm. Sitting at home and someone knocks on the door. You peak through the peephole to see who it is. Your very attractive next door neighbor. Taking a quick look at yourself and realize your pajama pants are ripped and your shirt has more stains than a newborn babies onesie.

Would this happen to a guy that takes his style and how presents himself to the world seriously? No.

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