• No tricks.
    No gimmicks.
    Just proven actionable results.

    We could go on and on about what we do and how we help men, and how our program really is transformative.

    The reality is, we rather talk to you, one on one, get to know you, and have you get to know us. Our mission is to be of service to you, and to give you a path to a better life and to gain the confidence you've always wanted.

    Trust us, this is the better way of doing it. We want you to be sure that you're ready for change, because if you're not, you won't do the work.

    Because of that, we start with an introductory call on Google Hangouts, and if you like what you hear, we start the process.

    No pressure. No commitment. You have to be ready to do this for you. We can give you the tools and the roadmap, it's on you to follow it.

  • This Is Not...

    A mass volume PDF file with vague promises that becomes a bait and switch

  • What This Is

    A personalized program that is designed for where you are and want to be

    Just proven actionable results based on you doing the work.

  • Total Cost


    Getting the blueprint to change your life should not cost you a fortune.

    In one 60 minute call you will receive the information you need to get started on your transformation.

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  • One On One

    A Personalized Blueprint For Your Life

    No Tricks. No Gimmicks. Just Proven Actionable Results.

  • No guess work involved

    A Blueprint to transform your life

    A step by step process, customized to your life, to your time, and to your needs. This is made with you in mind. No cookie cutter program.

  • One Of A Kind

    A Custom Made Lifestyle Transformation Program

    You want to change your life in a way that recognizes where you are currently, and gives you a proper blueprint to get to where you want to be in simple steps.

  • The most important part of all this

    Inner Work

    This, more than anything else, requires the greatest amount of work and investment in yourself to get to where you want to be in your life.

    This is about developing the traits you need to react to any situation in a calm manner, to give yourself options in all aspects of your life.

  • This matters.


    If your personal style has always been an afterthought, then you yourself will become an afterthought.

    Upgrading your style isn’t hard, and it doesn’t require a lot of money.

    You’ll feel more professional, be more dedicated to your work, and you will begin to value yourself.

  • Start cooking.


    No one, not even bodybuilders, wants to make complicated meals. They’re very time consuming and if you want something complicated, you’ll probably go to a restaurant that makes it to perfection.

    With this program you'll get simple meal plans that will have you getting healthier, and feeling and looking your best.

    Like everything else in this program, it's designed to be simple and effective from the start.

  • The Basics


    This isn't just about looking good. This is about changing your brain chemistry and giving a struggle that will change how your mind works.

    This is as much about physical health as it is mental health.

    You will receive a workout routine designed around your schedule and obligations, optimized so you get maximum benefit and results in the shortest amount of time.

    ...always remember, do the work.

  • 3 The Action Plan

    We Help You Get There

    This won't be complicated. We have a proven system that's centered around making this work for you from day one. We focus on the key aspects of your life to create a pathway to get you to where you want to be.

  • 2 The Path

    The Steps Required To Make It Happen

    We help you discover an entire new world of possibilities for your life that you never thought were possible, while helping you develop the confidence and skills you need to make it happen.

  • 1 The First Step

    We Find Your True Self

    The true man inside you that wants to come out, take initiative, and knows the lifestyle he wants.

    Deep down you know what it is you desire and want to be.

  • Get Started

    Answer a few questions and we'll get started on getting you on track.

  • Confidence

    It Begins With A Rock Solid Foundation

    Tailored Chap delivers a truly one of a kind approach for men to transform their lives.
    We help you define your road-map to who you are, and the steps needed to achieve your goals.

  • We Help Men Change Their Lives

Don’t Waste Your Time With Online Dating – Nothing Will Come From It

Online dating has never been bigger. Gone are the AOL chat rooms with people asking ASL. Now, if you want to meet someone,
just load up one of your multiple dating apps, and poof! A gorgeous woman will appear for you on your screen, then in person.

Ahhh….wait, what? Not so easy is it?

While it’s technically never been easier to meet someone thanks to all these dating apps, the reality is, it’s actually a lot harder for men now to meet women.

The problem with online dating is that any guy can get on there. With a snap of a photo from your phone, load up an app (or multiple) set up your profile in a matter of minutes, and then all done. So now every man with a pulse is online. Many are idiots, many are sending dick pictures (seriously, why!?!?).

Online is the one place where women act like men when viewing a potential dating partner.

Forget your personality, let’s see what your photos look like, and they better be top notch. And, frankly, with so many options for women,
many of them either leave the online dating world, or you end up with the women you’re just not attracted to.

Your best bet at finding a mate is approaching a woman in person.

Terrifying, I realize, but realize this, that most men cannot do this. Even the men that you see that look like models, many of them are riddled with anxiety if they have to approach a woman. How many times a day do you think a gorgeous woman gets approached? 5? 10? 20? How many times a day do you think she gets her inbox filled up with dudes going “hey”, “hi”, “what’s up”, “here’s my dick”.

The Little Secret

The times she gets approached in person (and here’s the dirty little secret), it’s by guys who have hired a dating coach. They’re not really looking to date her (some are), they’re just practicing. Nothing wrong with that, but women aren’t idiots, and after a couple of the same routines they’ve figured out what’s going on.

Be a gentleman, dress well, smell nice, go out, and just approach and say “Hi, I couldn’t help but notice you, I’m Eric, how’s your day?”

Women are blown away when a guy approaches them and seems sincere about getting to know them.

Now, delete your dating apps and lets get started on your transformation.

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