Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.
—Charles Hix, Author

You may have grown up with people telling you that what you look like doesn’t matter. That people should appreciate you for you, and your clothes, your style, all of it, are irrelevant. Unfortunately, human evolution is a hard thing to fight, and while we should always do our best to not judge anyone on their appearance, especially physical appearance, how they choose to present themselves on a daily basis is one thing human evolution pays particular attention to.

As mentioned on The Importance Of How You Present Yourself, we’ve evolved to judge things by what we see. It makes perfect sense after all, we see an object, a person, a color, etc, and our brain makes a quick decision on that person in relation to us. Perfect evolutionary sense.

Fit Is Paramount

If there’s one rule that all men should follow, it’s that fit is paramount. The days of baggy clothes are over, but some days, it truly feels like the nineties continues to live on. Clothing that doesn’t fit you can destroy an otherwise perfect outfit.

Know your measurements. Go to a tailor and have them measure you from head to toe. Fit makes the outfit.

High value men know how to dress, and that starts by getting the right fit and making it look effortless.

Dress For The Season

Clearly, a sane person, just on a biological level knows not to wear shorts in the dead of winter. You’ll freeze to death. That’s obvious, but many still wear summer colors in the winter, or fall outfits in early summer.

Not only will you be uncomfortable, but you’ll stand out with your color selection.

Dressing For A First Date

Dressing For A First Date


Spring. It’s not winter, it’s not summer. It’s this in-between season, similar to Fall, but instead it’s warming up, instead of cooling down, but it’s still a bit cold.

For Spring, you want to start wearing some brighter colors, but not summer bright. Think light browns, yellows, red, greens, peach, similar to summer, but again, not as bright. That being said, you can certainly wear some of your Spring attire in the summer.

Tailored Chap

Men’s Summer Fashion


Brighter colors. Think whites, yellow, red, purple, etc. Don’t forget that with the hotter weather you’ll want to wear material that’s breathable, such as linen.

When it comes to your shoes, generally speaking, any color will do, but it depends on what else you’re wearing with it.

If you’re wearing a suit (for summer, light colors, no black) you can certainly wear black dress shoes with it, but again, it depends on if they match. My recommendation is to go with lighter colored shoes, whether wearing dress shoes or sneakers.

Men's Fall Fashion

Men’s Fall Fashion


Fall, another in-between season where you’re starting to bundle up and, depending on where you live, the umbrella may be out in full swing.

Fall colours can range heavily, from an airy blue to a dark red, purple or green.

One thing you’ll notice as you become more of a fashion expert is that you can technically wear any color for any season, but there is a fine line with what works and what doesn’t work.

Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion


Winter to me is the easiest season to dress for. Depending where you’re living, it’ll be cold, dark, and generally miserable, but your fashion choices can be extremely easy.

First, don’t wear a puffy jacket. You want clothing that’ll fit your body and make you look good. Get a nice winter coat that’ll last you years. These can be expensive, but again, cost per year. The years that it’ll last you will make up for the cost.

Second, get a nice scarf. This I can’t emphasize enough. Not only does a scarf make a big difference in how warm you stay, but it’s that beautiful detail to an outfit that’ll really bring it all together.

Third, a set of leather gloves. Keep in mind if you’re on your phone a lot these can be hard to use. There are gloves designed to allow you to still be on your phone.

Cost Per Wear

If it costs less than what you would normally want to spend, it’ll probably end up costing you more. You get what you pay for is extremely true when it comes to clothing. You may think you’re getting a deal on a pair of jeans or dress shirt, but think about how many times you’ll be able to wear it, versus spending a little more money and being able to hang on to it for years more, and it still being stylish.

This applies to your shoes, socks, underwear, suits, everything.

Men’s clothing is always more expensive than women’s clothing, but that is mainly because clothing manufacturers and designers know that women love to shop and will discard their clothes quickly. The quality on women’s clothing is nowhere near the quality of men’s clothing.

Generally speaking, most men won’t shop as often as women, so while the fashion industry makes mens clothing with better materials, they will charge a premium for it.

Easy comparison is women’s underwear and men’s underwear. For the price of one pair of men’s briefs, you can easy get 4 pairs of women’s underwear.

If you can, always spend the extra money on better quality clothes. In the end you’ll end up spending less as you won’t be needing to get a new clothing so often.