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Adjusting To Your New Look

One of the great and amazing things that happens when you change your diet, stop drinking, start working out, and really start a lifestyle of self-improvement is that you begin to notice a new you. You look in the mirror and you see, physically, a different person.

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Cost Per Wear

What is that? Well, it’s a phrase I’ve coined and it’s something that I go into detail about in my eBook, making the argument that the cheaper the piece of clothing that you’re buying, the more you actually end up spending at the end.

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Man wearing a toque. First date style rules.

They All Wear Toques

First date style rules, they exist, and if you haven’t noticed, this site, my products, and this blog, are all about becoming a high value male that dresses a certain way. No hoodies, no funny t-shirts, and certainly no flip-flops.

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