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From The Founder

My name is Erfan (pronounced Airfawn, like an airplane and baby deer), and I’m the founder Of Tailored Chap.


I created Tailored Chap with the purpose of helping men, from all walks of life and backgrounds, with their self-confidence.


I created Tailored Chap because I know the struggle. I know the debilitating issues that a lack of self-worth can cause a man. It’s affects all aspects of your life and without proper attention, it will turn into a vicious circle that can become permanent and lead you to a road of ruin.

This Didn’t Happen Overnight

Your self-confidence issues didnt’t happen overnight. They culminated in years of self-doubt, no guidance from parents, teachers, and definitely not friends.


The great thing about this though is that’s easily fixable. The bad news is that you have to really commit to it. Daily. Everyday. It has to become your sole mission in life.


The good news though…I’ll give you the blueprint to fixing your life. The actual blueprint. The bad news? You have to do it.

The good news…it’s easily done.

Trust The Process

Things in life are as complicated as we set them out to be. You fixing yourself should not be complicated if you truly choose to do it.
Some days will be great. Some days will be horrible.


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