Learn What All High Value Males Know - All In One Book

Tailored Chap Mastery


These are the basics that’ll give you the foundation and knowledge you need on a daily basis to keep you moving forward.

  • All the weight training routines you’ll ever need to know. This is your foundation. Nothing complicated (with illustration)
  • Detailed fitness advice on how to get the most out of your fitness journey to maximize your gains
  • Basic meal plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Nothing complicated and won’t take forever to make. Quick and easy.
  • Grocery list featuring everything you’ll need. Simple. Easy. No wasting time.
  • The holy grail of style. This is your new base. Look good, feel good. 
  • Learn why it’s better to buy the more expensive piece of clothing
  • Learn how to dress for any occasion, any weather. 
  • Know how to shop for your jeans, suits, shoes, socks (yes, even socks), and more.
  • Grooming – this cannot be neglected. Everything you need is one simple section, designed to keep you looking sharp and great.
  • Lifestyle, from how you live to what’s in your home.
  • …and more!

Men do not fail; they give up trying.
– Elihu Root

A Clean And Simple Diet.

No Wasting Time Or Money

An Intense But Easy Workout Routine

You Won't Need To Live At The Gym

A New Look.

Take Your Style Back

There Is No Other System Like This

Tailored Chap Mastery eBook